Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Save money for your bridesmaids

Be a thoughtful bride and save your bridesmaids a few dollars on their dresses. Bridesmaids dresses are beautiful but expensive. You can have a co-ordinated look to your wedding if you don't shop in the bridal department for your bridesmaids dresses.

So where do you shop? Try evening wear in the department stores. Many cocktail dresses are appropriate for weddings as are evening dresses for more formal weddings.

The sales associate at the store can contact other stores in the area, or even in another state, to make sure each of your bridesmaids has a dress that fits perfectly. Alterations can be made if adjustments are needed.

If you want a co-ordinated look but the dresses don't have to match exactly give the bridesmaid a choice of dresses that are in the same style or color. If each bridesmaid then carries an identical bouquet the look will be beautiful.


md_zorro said...

I'm agree with your information in this blog. Bridemaids was important to make wedding ceremony more cheerful if they can dresses beautiful as bride.

joanna said...

I was thinking of a night wedding--so cocktail dresses isn't a bad idea! And I'm sure my friends would appreciate the price cut too.

noelle said...

I like the idea of cocktail dresses as bridesmaid dresses. And to incorporate your other advice, a single stemmed rose!