Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Creative Bridal Shopping

One of the most expensive single items in a wedding is the wedding dress. While every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding you don't want to trap yourself in a dungeon of debt paying for everything.

Buying wedding dresses at a bridal salon can result in spending thousands of dollars on a dress you'll never wear again. There are alternatives. Where you buy your dress can result in major cost savings.

There are two seasons every year when long gowns and dresses are prevalent in fashion and that's the holiday season and Spring during prom season. Prom dresses are young and flirty and fashionable. If you shop early in the season you can find a terrific assortment in a range of prices to fit just about any bride's budget.

If your heart is set on a traditional formal wedding gown then consider prom dresses for your bridesmaids.


md_zorro said...

It's not easy for choose wedding dress. It also involve a cost and time to find the best wedding dress for wedding ceremony, once in ou lifetime. But, it's depending on how we want wear it in the wedding ceremony that can related to wedding mood.

noelle said...

I think prom dresses are extremely pretty, but I don't want to feel like a teenager on my wedding day! Thanks for the tip though.

joanna said...

I agree with what Noelle said. However, prom dresses are cheap and most of the ones these days are very sexy! I think I will go prom dress shopping again!

noelle said...

Prom dresses for my bridesmaids? That's an amazing idea! Not only are they pretty, but cheap too!