Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gifts for your bridesmaids

Thanking your bridesmaids for their support, encouragement, and help before the wedding and during the ceremony and reception is a welcome part of the bride's responsibility. There are lots of ways you can do that from the tried and true necklaces, bracelets, and photo frames holding a photo of who else - you and your groom. But why not try something a little different?

Put together a basket of bath supplies such as bubble bath, bath oil, luxurious soaps, lotions and creams. Include a gift certificate for a massage or manicure.

A night out is always welcome. Obtain certificates from local restaurants, movie theaters, fast food franchises, or Chinese take out place and movie rentals. Wrap each certificate in a cellophane bag tied with a pretty bow and place all the bags in a gift box.

Looking for something really different and a gift that your bridesmaids will use nearly every day? Consider a replica handbag. High quality look alikes are very difficult to tell from the real thing. Provide a different replica for each bridesmaid or give each one the same handbag. Match their handbag to their bridesmaid dress.

After all the running around a pedicure would be welcomed. Set up a pre wedding pedi-party at your favorite spa. Some spas will serve wine and light snacks as party of the festivities or ask to bring your own.


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md_zorro said...

It is important to appreciate bridesmaids for thier support, encouragement and help for wedding preparation and during the wedding day. If bridesmaids was not there, the wedding day can be worst and unforgiven for the whole life...