Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wedding Favors

Every bride wants her guests to remember her special day and what better way than wedding favors? The keepsakes can range from photograph frames to bags of specially wrapped candies to gourmet food items.

Here are a couple of cute ideas you might want to try.

Fill a small terracotta plant pot with potting soil. Plant a few marigold, zinnia, or nasternium seeds. Don't water. That makes a mess and the seeds will start to sprout which you don't want. Wrap the pot in netting and tie securely at the top of the pot with a bow. Insert a sign in the pot that says "Watch our love grow." On the back of the sign write: "Water thoroughly and place in a sunny window sill. "

Another cheap favor is to take an inexpensive wine glass and place a votive candle in the glass. Place the glass and candle in a cellophane bag. Tie shut with a bow. On the streamers of the bow, write "Let Our Love Shine Through."

If you're the bridesmaid or maid of honor, part of the festivities is the bridal shower. These days co-ed showers seem to be in vogue. Don't forget to include bridal shower favors as part of your party. The guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


md_zorro said...

Wedding favor can give the guest with the precious moment when attending the wedding ceremony. But if we have another way to maek it special and inexpensive, why not? Good tips for reduce wedding expenses....

joanna said...

That is such a lovely idea! I haven't thought of that before! I think it is so much better than just regular photo frames.

noelle said...

This idea is so cute! I never thought of using that line "Watch our love grow." I really want to use this now!