Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fabulous Fall Wedding Flowers

Keep autumn colors in mind when you think about your flowers. Autumn means oranges, russets, deep yellows and gold accented with a pop of purple. Chrysanthemums are a favorite fall flower and can be found at discount prices. Order yours from the grocery store in six inch pots. You can probably find a bargain at less than $10 a pot. Most of the plants will have the pot covered with foil. If that doesn't appeal to you, exchange it for a wrapping of netting, wrapping paper, or fabric. For an extra dollar you can probably have a big fluffy bow added.

You can use the pots to line the aisle, in the entry way, even on the alter, if you're having a church wedding. At $10 a pot you can have a beautiful display of 25 pots for only $250, that's just about what only 5 flower arrangements from a florist would cost.

Take advantage of pumpkins, gourds, apples, nuts, and fall leaves for your table decorations. You can hollow out a medium size pumpkin, insert a glass vase and then pop in a store bouquet of fall colors for a stunning center piece. You may have to carve a thin slice off the bottom of the pumpkin to level it.

Hollow out mini pumpkins and use them as candle holders or fill with a few flowers and march them down the center of a table, alternating with glass candle holders. Fill in with fall leaves, apples and dried flowers. You can also hollow apples and use them as well.

Pumpkins come in an off white color. Paint the stem gold and add gold foil leaves twisted around gold chenille stems for a Cinderella look. Sponge a little of the gold paint on the pumpkin for added glamour. Place white mums in spray painted gold pots accented with a net bow. You can keep the look white and gold or add deep red roses to set off the colors.

Make sure you co-ordinate your wedding invitations with the colors and theme of your wedding with the save the date card, invitation, program, and thank you cards.

You can have fabulous fall flowers for your wedding on a shoestring budget.

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