Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wedding cakes

A beautifully decorated wedding cake is part of every bride's dream wedding. However they can be expensive, as much as $10.00 per serving. That means your cake for 200 guests will cost $2,000.00. Wedding cakes don't have to break your budget.

The high season for weddings is Spring and Summer and the busiest day for weddings is Saturday. Choose to get married on another day, say Friday evening, or in the Fall and Winter and you'll save money overall, as well as on your wedding cake.

Choose a small tiered cake to cut and sheet cakes to serve to the guests. You'll have the tradition of the cake cutting ceremony without the expense of tiered cakes.

Another alternative is to serve cupcakes displayed on tiered serving trays. If you don't have the trays use a silver large round tray for the bottom. Support a second clear glass tray by balancing it on champagne glasses and a final smaller clear glass tray for the top tier. If you're worried about knocking over the display. Use a dab of hot blue on the bottom of each champagne glass to fasten it to the tray below. Decorate between the cupcakes with rose petals or small mini carnations, beautiful and cost effective.


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Grace said...


I just recently got married to an indian.. so i kinda had an Indo-American style of wedding...

the cake was so very good... and catering i asked was Indian Caterers. i got this site for it and they were good. i enjoyed my wedding so much that i still browsing for wedding things... i just loved the experience...