Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas can help you save money on your wedding

Christmas is a great time to buy decorations for your wedding, even
if it takes place in March, or any other month for that matter. No
I'm not talking about using red and green garland to decorate the
cake table. What I am talking about is using decorations that don't
look like traditional Christmas items.

For example: I went to Pier One and found some adorable fish
themed Christmas tree ornaments. Each was a different fish shape,
about six inches across, with glitter and sequins. The colors were
dark blue, light blue, aqua and white. If I were having a beach
themed wedding these would make darling center pieces placed in a
fish bowl with salt in the bottom to mimic sand and a few shells.
That's how I used them in my bath room.

If you're planning a winter wedding perhaps you're thinking of a
wonderland theme. Snowflakes could be attached to silver spray
painted branches as centerpieces. Strung on fishing wire and hung
from the ceiling they look like they're floating gently down to

Christmas mini lights go on sale after Christmas and white lights
look very romantic. String them over arches. Use battery operated
lights to decorate the cake and gift tables. Please battery
operated lights in frosted glass vases. Intersperse them through

You've probably noticed that colors other than red and green are
popular for Christmas. One year purple and pink were the must have
colors, another year blues from baby blue to navy were all the
rage. The popular colors show up in ribbons and bows as well as
tree decorations. Pick up wire edged ribbon now on sale if you can
find your wedding colors. Beautiful fluffy bows can take the
place of more pricey flower arrangements at the end of the church
pews on the aisles.

Candles are huge at Christmas. Votives, votive candles, tapers,
and pillar candles in white, off white, red, and of course green
are available at reasonable prices. Candles in a pretty votive
candle holder can be used as a wedding favor for your guests.

Good places to find decorations at great prices are drugstores and
big box stores. Unusual decoration can be found at import stores
and boutiques. Don't forget craft stores and of course shop online.

Look at Christmas decorations through new eyes and you just might
find that perfect accent for your wedding or favor for your guest.

Until next week.

Dee Power
Weddings on a Shoestring Budget

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