Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cheap and Easy Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Weddings on a Shoestring Budget: Cheap and Easy Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Are you getting married, but find it necessary to stay within a certain budget? Don't worry; you can still have a wonderful wedding reception, without spending a great deal of money. It's probably easier than you think to have a fabulous wedding on a shoestring budget.

Weather permitting one of the least expensive ways to save money on your reception is to have it in your own backyard… or in a backyard you have 'borrowed' from a friend or family member. This option works best for small, intimate, receptions. In any case have an alternative rainy day location chosen. It could be the living room or first floor of your house. You may still need to rent a tarp or covering so your guests aren't wilting in the sun.

If your reception will be on a larger scale, consider having it at a local park. Pavilions can usually be rented at a very reasonable cost. Many parks have additional facilities such as beaches and play areas, as well. (This type of amenity will be appreciated by the younger guests, in attendance.) Send an advanced group to scout the area for papers, trash, and dog droppings. Folding chairs can be rented so your guests will be comfortable while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

If you plan on decorating with flowers, use those that are in season. Many grocery stores now have lovely floral departments. Talk with the floral manager to see what bouquets she or he is ordering that are in your color scheme. Reserve the bouquets by prepaying for them. A good size bouquet is usually around $10 to $12 that's far less expensive than an arrangement from the florist. Shop good will stores for glass vases. Use inexpensive candles as the main focal point and the flowers as more of an accent. Doing so will save you money.

(You can easily 'jazz up' inexpensive glass candle holders with ribbon and other small embellishments that match your color scheme. These candles can even be given away as wedding favors, at the end of the reception.)

Food doesn't have to be a huge expense, if you don't want it to be. Ask your closest friends and family members to bring a dish to pass. You will find that they are usually more than willing to do so.

Another option is to serve several different desserts and beverages, instead of a large meal. The desserts can be purchased from a bakery or your local grocery store. Ask a friend to cut the desserts into serving slices and then store until the wedding. Individual mini tarts, cookies, cupcakes, are other alternatives.

Have the wedding of your dreams on a shoestring budget.

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