Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bridesmaids and Ushers: Is That All There Is?

No. You can involve lots of special people in your wedding festivities. Don't just limit yourself to the traditional bridesmaids and ushers. Ask everyone who is participating in your wedding to wear your wedding colors if they're female, or a nice suit if they're male. Have simple corsages or boutonnieres made for each one. There is no need for them to go to the expense of buying a bridesmaid's dress or renting a tuxedo. If they're dressed in your wedding colors and have the corsage or boutonniere they'll feel festive and look like they belong. So how can they participate? Here are a few ideas:

Host and hostesses can greet arrivals to the wedding site and hand out programs. The ushers then guide the guests to their seats. Another hostess can help guests place their wedding gifts on the gift table. Or hang up heavy coats on a coat rack. Someone can make sure that every guest has signed the guest book. If your guest book is in a three ring binder, so much the better. Split the book up so several people can encourage guests to sign. If you're having a candy or sweets table, someone to help there and thank the guest will be appreciated.

After the bride and groom have cut the cake, your special helpers can deliver slices of cake to the other guests. It's a nice touch and gets the cake served much more quickly than if the guests line up at the cake table.

Ask a few friends with digital cameras to take photos as the evening progresses. The photos can be printed onsite and then pinned to a bulletin board covered with white fabric and trimmed in your wedding colors. Guest can peruse the board and take home favorite snapshots. Since the photos are digital you'll still have your own copies. You could also give a few people disposable cameras to take photos for you. You'll probably get some unique photos you wouldn't ordinarily get. Appoint someone to collect the cameras so you can have the photos developed and your guests don't have the added expense.

Usually the bride and groom leave the wedding reception first. It's a nice touch to ask a few friends to thank the guests for attending the wedding as they leave. If you're giving out wedding favors these same people can hand out the favors as well.

There are lots of ways your friends can feel special and involved on your very special day.

Dee Power

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md_zorro said...

Good idea to involve lots of special people in our wedding festivities. But, just make sure we know who is the people that involve as special people in our wedding festivities. This is to avoid from irresposible people that can make our wedding become worst...