Thursday, January 10, 2008

Now is Not the Time for Change

Keep your beauty and makeup routine the same. If you use a new facial scrub you could find out you’re allergic and your skin can look blotchy. The same goes for having a professional facial, unless that's part of your regular beauty regime. Stick with the tried and true, now is not the time to find out that false eyelash glue makes your eyes red.

White and off white colors can wash out your makeup. And so can photography lights. Work with a cosmetician to perfect a makeup that looks natural on you but won't fade. Bring a swatch of your wedding gown with you or better yet, find a Tee shirt that matches your gown and wear it while you are being made up and while you practice the makeup. There are different shades of white, some have a hint of blue, some yellow and some are stark white. Your skin tones will look different against each of these "whites".

Have a practice run at the hair salon and bring your wedding veil and head piece. You might think that an updo will be perfect with your veil only to find out it just doesn't work. Don't make any major changes to your hair for at least three months before the wedding date. You've ordered your gown with one hair style, it won't look the same if you drastically change your style or your color. If you are planning on highlights, low lights, a color gloss, or a glaze, have it done two weeks prior to your wedding. Accidents can happen, the color mix can be off, or the stylists can leave it in too long. Give yourself time to correct any mistakes. Besides sometimes a change in color can seem wrong at first and you need time to adjust.

Wear your wedding shoes around the house for an hour or so a few days before the wedding. New shoes rub. You don't want to limp down the aisle. It's also a good idea to bring a second pair of shoes just in case you break a heel. Your shoes are under your dress and most people won't even notice them.

Buy doubles of all the cosmetics you plan on using for the wedding and pack up a bag to take with you. Include eye makeup remover, cotton swabs, and cotton pads as well. If you wear contact lenses bring an extra pair and any paraphernalia you need. You could also include breath freshener, a needle and thread, hairspray, a few hair pins, and super glue. Do NOT apply the super glue yourself, but it will come in handy if a hem rips, or a noticeable bead pops off your dress. Again have someone else do the gluing the only thing you want to be stuck to on your wedding day is your groom.


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From this article, it's sound very challenging for girls or women in using their own make up. Maybe not the same situation with a man, that always keep simple appereance. But, if the girls or women look beautiful, who's benefit it?...

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